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What do these Mid Autumn fruits symbolise?

Is the Mid Autumn Festival just another occasion to gather with family and eat yummy delicious mooncakes? 

Well, Chinese people believe that the full moon symbolises completeness and is associated with family reunion. Usually, Singaporeans celebrate this occasion by (of course)... EATING!

Here are some of the fruit associated with Mid Autumn and their meanings:

  • Pomegranate

  • Chinese people associate the many seeds of pomegranates to having many children. Ancient Chinese ate pomegranates during this time of year in hopes of having many descendants! The round and attractive colour also signifies unification and happiness.

  • Pears 
  • Pears are also popular during Mid Autumn as the mandarin word for pear, “Li”, sounds like the word “to leave.” Families eat pears in hope of avoiding separation with their loved ones. 

  • Pomelo
  • The mandarin word for pomelo (柚, yòu) sounds like “bless” (佑, yòu). Pomelos were traditionally offered to the moon in the hopes that the Moon Goddess will bless families with good luck and happiness. 

    Also, citrus fruit like pomelo and oranges also help cleanse your taste buds after indulging in one too many sweet mooncakes!

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